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    Borgsjö - Östersund, S:t Olavsleden

    13 Mär 15:19

    Through deep forests to the open fields of Storsjö, you pass Jämtland forests where robbers would once lay in wait. You pass grand wooden buildings by waters full of fish. Drink from the St Olav spring in Pilgrimstad and walk through the lush cultural landscape. After Borgsjö you walk along the orchids of Lombäcken through a village with well-kept timber houses. There are old trapping pits for hunting moose, amongst others. At the Jämtland border there was once an inn call...

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    Åre - Stiklestad, S:t Olavsleden

    13 Mär 15:08

    From the Indalsälven river valley you hike upwards on Skalstugevägen road with stone arch bridges, mountain views and reindeer pastures. The pilgrim trail leads into Norway and Stiklestad where Olav Haraldson died on 29 July 1030 in a field battle against the peasant army. Stiklestad is a peaceful and green place where you can feel the history. Here today’s pilgrims can contemplate their internal and external journey – and share thoughts with others. By the Indalsälven riv...

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    Östersund - Åre, S:t Olavsleden

    13 Mär 15:14

    From Östersund the trail crosses the bridge to Frösön which is named after the Norse god Frö (Frej). From the meadows of Frösön, your journey continues towards the mountains and the land of the reindeer. Sami culture thrives in the mountains of Åre. You can see 5,000-year-old rock carvings and walk narrow paths along the surging Indalsälven river. Stop at the rune stone shortly after Frösö Bridge (about 300 meters to the west of Coop supermarket) and read about how Christi...

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    Selånger - Borgsjö, S:t Olavsleden

    4 Feb 12:32

    In the early summer of the year 1030, the Norwegian Viking king Olav Haraldsson came ashore at Selånger, which at the time was the great harbour bay of northern Sweden. He had been in exile for a few years and from here at the Gulf of Bothnia, he began his journey towards Norway and to his death in Stiklestad on 29 July 1030. The St Olavsleden trail begins at the ruins of Selånger church, and according to lore, St Olav raised a copper-clad cross here with the words: “Land ...