Höö nature reserve contains one of the most species-rich environments in Småland. Nature is a mosaic of meadows, fields, pastures and deciduous forest areas. Höö is an island with a bridge connecting Höö to the mainland. At Lake Möckeln you have good opportunities for walking and outdoor life.

In Gustav Vasa's land register from the year 1553, Höö is mentioned. There have probably been buildings here since the Middle Ages. When other farmers stopped mowing the meadows, the Hörberg family, who have used Höö for generations, continued to mow their meadows. Therefore, the meadow's flora and fauna remain and you can enjoy the rich flowering. It is possible to live on the farm and if you are lucky there is local meat for sale, read more at sagolikahoo.se. The fields and meadows are located in the eastern half of the island where the nutrient-rich diabase route runs. It is also here that the noble deciduous trees and the many herbs thrive best. The diabase heights are delimited by marked slopes, which in some places are pure cliffs. Due to the unique flora on Höö, the Right of Public Access does not apply. There are special rules for this area - read information signs at the nature reserve's car park and in the link below to the county administrative board's (Länsstyrelsen) website.

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