Sikareveln canoe rest area

Sikareveln is a beautiful place and canoe rest area along the canoe trail Helge å. Reveln is a long narrow peninsula that extends from Möckelsnäs and there are beaches on different sides of the peninsula for swimming. If you want to camp on site, you buy a canoe check via canoe rental in the area or the tourist information in Älmhult or Ljungby. Then you are involved in co-financing the emptying of latrines and rubbish as well as the filling of firewood. Put the check in the mailbox that hangs on the information board. Even if you do not camp but still want to support the quality and care of the place, you are welcome to buy a check and put it in the box. Everyone is welcome to use this place which is extra popular so be sure to respect each other and nature.

The outdoor toilet and garbage collection are handled during the period of 1 May - 30 September.

  • Near toilet
  • Tent site