Vakö moor

The large Vakö moor is one of the largest calm moors in southern Sweden. The open area is a full six square kilometers large and completely unique this far south.

During the late 18th and 19th centuries, when all arable land was needed for the ever-growing population, crofters settled on the three largest islands: Flatön, Lundholmen and Kullen. People lived here as recently as a hundred years ago. Today there are no buildings left but you can still see traces of the house foundations. In the southern part of the moor, peat extraction was carried out until 1950. Many of the water-filled peat graves remain. In the summer of 1992, Vakö moor was hit by a large fire. Virtually all forest and other vegetation was destroyed. Fires help keep the moor open, which benefits birds such as heather and black grouse. The moor has a rich bird life and one of the county's largest grouse games. Follow the marked trail, two kilometers, which eventually leads out to the nice looköut "Kullen". There you will find a fantastic view that is unusual in Småland.

For more information about plants and animals in the reserve and the local regulations, see the County Administrative Board's website via the link below.

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  • Nature reserve
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    Basit Aziz

    A large swamp is all that you could explore. There is track that brings you to a rock with view over large area of swamp. The rock is fine to sit, enjoy coffee and see the swamp. The track is overall fine but in rainy days go there with hiking shoes or joggers.

    9 months