Hallarumsviken naturreservat

A walk in Hallarumsviken offers bare rock with oak woodland, steep cliffs with farmed rift valleys and beautiful views across Blekinge’s leafy inner archipelago. There are clear traces of the effect of the inland ice.

At Hallarumsviken the mountain plummets steeply down into the water from a height of 30 metres. Over the knotty oak woods, there are views of glittering water, juniper bushes, beechwoods and in the distance the silhouette of Karlskrona. The meadows sometimes glow red and yellow with Adam and Eve orchids, and at midsummer the scent of the lesser butterfly orchid is on the air at dusk.

Old pollarded ash trees, whose branches were cut for animal feed, remain around the ruins of crofts in the north-western part of the nature reserve. The remains of a stone jetty that a crofter started to build can be seen between the island of Vassaskär and the mainland.

The rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, dogs must be kept on a lead and you are not allowed to drive a vehicle/ride a horse, camp in a tent/caravan or light a fire.

Source: County Administrative Board

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Drive four kilometres south on the road from Jämjö towards Torhamn. The nature reserve is on the right-hand side and there are several places to park.

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