Area main naturalvalue@2x Utlängans sälkoloni

There is a grey seal colony on the east side of Utlängan. Take your binoculars with you and scan the shallow shoreline. The seals are often sunning themselves on rocks sticking up out of the water.

The location is approximate.


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    Day trip | Karlskrona – Stenshamn & Utlängan

    Jan 03

    A short route that takes you far out into the archipelago. Almost as far out as you can get in the eastern part of the Blekinge Archipelago, lie the truly untouched islands of Stensham and Utlängan. When you get off the ferry, you’ll be on the little island of Stenshamn that only sticks up 2 metres above the sea. Half the island disappears below the surface at high water. Stenshamn and Utlängan are joined by a causeway built by the defence forces. Today it means you can e...