The Bergslagsleden Trail starts, or finishes if you are coming from the south, in the old forest workers’ village of Kloten, in the municipality of Lindesberg. The trail passes through forests, marshland, and peat bogs. Along the way you will discover the Getaryggen Nature Reserve and the Jämmerdalen valley. Åbostugan, which is an old peasant’s cottage, shows you how impoverished country dwellers lived in the past. Enjoy the soothing sound of the waters of the Sandån river as you take a well-earned rest. There is also a fire hearth at Åbostugan. You can even pick cloudberries when they are in season. At Lilla Kroktjärn, which is roughly halfway through this stage, you will find a wind shelter, fireplace and toilet.

Difficulty: Red - demanding
To do:
  • Hiking
Length: 20.0 km
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