Backa våtmark

Backa is an area that through the centuries has suffered from life. In the past, cabins, sawmills and brickworks were responsible for life and movement. Now birds and hikers have taken over!

Of the old, now water-filled, canvases, one of the county's largest wetlands has been created. The ditches have been plugged again and new roads for the water have been dug. Pastures that were re-grown have once again been cleared and now cows graze here.

Today, there are plenty of water collections that are attractive to bird life. Ticks, mallard ducks and pickles feed on the open water mirrors and in the edge between the deciduous forest and the wetland cranes creep around. Singing habits have begun to breed in the area and in the spring evening one can hear the hummingbird's humming game seat.

For us people there are nice hiking trails and several picnic areas. Some of the trails go on the old embankment of the narrow-gauge train that transported clay to the brickworks. There are three loops to choose from. The short loop is graveled and adapted for prams while they are only longer adapted for hiking. The longer loops go through pastures, which means that you can meet grazing cattle.

To do:
  • Protected nature
  • Recreation area
  • Near parking
  • Stroller accessible

Tag buss 237 eller 245 från Falun eller buss 238 om du kommer från Svärdsjöhållet. Kliv av i Backafors och promenera över Sundbornsån. Sväng in vänster mot Backa.


Kör väg 850 mot Danholn (passera samhället om du kommer norrifrån). Sväng norrut, in mot Backa i fyrvägskorset vid Sundbornsån. Följ vägen ca 200 m. Vid första avtagsvägen åt vänster finns en parkeringsplats med en stor informationstavla om Backa våtmark.

Vill du cykla går det en fin cykelväg från Hosjö ända fram till Backa. Den är grusad och följer den gamla banvallen där man bland annat transporterade tegel från tegelbruket i Backa.