Grejsarberget, utsiktsplats

Grejsarberget, 435 meters, in the municipality's northern part offers a wide view of Dalstuga and the lake Amungen. At the top of the mountain there is a wind shelter and fireplace. On the way up, you can also take the opportunity to look south and see mountains and lakes over the Envik and Svärdsjö holdings. You get up on the mountain via a hiking trail from the parking lot at Grejsan shacks. The walk takes about 30 minutes. Grejsan's shacks are a lively pasture and in summer there is usually a small herd of animals here, eg sheep, cows and goats. At the parking lot there is also the opportunity to enjoy coffee and look out over the lake Draggen and other lakes.

  • Viewpoint

Vid vägens ände i fäboden finns möjlighet att parkera. Härifrån utgår även stigen till toppen.


Åk till Grejsans fäbodar som ligger väster om väg 50 mellan Lamborn och Svabensverk i norra delen av Falu kommun.