Isalanäset is a hilly and almost completely wooded peninsula that stands out in the Svärdsjön. But it has not always been so. An old cultural landscape rests in the forest. A patchwork of fields and meadows used and shaped by man for a long time, but then abandoned and left to look after himself. Over time, high natural values ​​have developed both in the old coniferous forest that grows out on the nose and in the deciduous forest that has grown up on the old fields and meadows.

There are plenty of old and coarse trees and dead trees on both sides, both standing and lying. In the spring, it leaves life in the deciduous forest when the migrating birds return from their winter quarters. Woodpeckers thrive on the cape as there is plenty of food in the form of insects in the dead wood. If you have a little luck, you can come across both larger and smaller woodpeckers, greyhounds, cubs and pits.

Remains of a rich meadow flora remain in the glades that are still open on the old fields and meadows. All in all, the great variety of natural environments creates the conditions for a rich plant and animal life.

To do:
  • Nature reserve
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport

Tag buss 235, 237 eller 238 till Isala. Hållplatsen ligger ca 50 meter från reservatets parkering.


Kör väg 850 norrut från Svärdsjö. Passera kyrkan och hembygdsgården och sväng sedan höger mot Svartnäs. Efter ca 1,5 km, i Isala, är det skyltat "Naturreservat". Sväng vänster ner på parkeringen. Från parkeringen går en grusad stig fram till naturreservatets entréplats (ca 300 m). Stigen är slät att gå på och lämpar sig väl för barnvagnar.