Stabergs klack, utsiktsplats

From Gamla Stabergs bergsmansgård, a path that is partly steep up to Staberg's klack leads. From here you get a great view of Lake Runn and all the islands but also over Staberg's farm and open fields. One tip is to go here for a beautiful summer evening and watch the sunset.

In addition to the view there are exciting carvings on the mountain hills to watch and try to interpret. The engravings on the hobs consist of names and initials. Some 10 carvings from the 18th century up to the 20th century can be found here. The oldest engraving that can be interpreted is from 1734. Many of the carvings have been worn out and cannot be interpreted.

There is a bunk bed and a fireplace for use with the microwave oven.

  • Rest area
  • Shelter
  • Viewpoint

Parkering finns vid gamla Stabergs bergsmansgård.


Tag buss 243 från Falun. Kliv av på hållplats Staberg.


Stabergs klack ligger nära väg 69 strax söder om Falun. Det är skyltat in till Stabergs bergsmansgård vid vägen.