Autumn and winter - nature changes colour!

By Växjö kommun 2020-10-01

The last quarter of the year smells of wet leaves and the dew of dawn. As always, nature is open for new explorations in fresh autumn air. Of course, daylight will now be gradually shorter, so illuminated trails or a headlamp can facilitate the daily dose of outdoor life. Getting out for an hour or two in all weather conditions has a positive effect on health. Here are some suggestions on what you can do in Växjö from October until New Year's Eve.

OCTOBER - find new favourite places!
- Make a visit to the 4H farm at Hovshaga which is open on Saturdays every week with a guide among the animals in the surrounding pastures. Autumn holiday camp and ghost round are some of the activities at Växjö 4H this month. More information is available on the association's website.
- Take a walk on one of all 11 illuminated trails in Växjö. Here, energy-smart LED lighting illuminates both flat and hilly loops for walking and running at your own pace until 22.00. From 1 October, there is also the opportunity for the public to run (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday = 12 hours) on the round track in Tipshallen. To walk-run-roll indoors at any of the public times, you enter via the southeast main entrance of Tipshallen at Arenastaden.
- Make an excursion to Ingelstad and experience the transformation in Hanefors. A new era, with nature in focus, has begun. There is now a stream with flowing water lined with both wetlands and forest, where four footbridges and paths have been laid out to make it easier for you as a visitor to explore the area. The Nature map shows you the way here. A stop at Inglinge mound is another local tip in Ingelstad.

NOVEMBER - there is no bad weather!
- Take a weekend trip to Åsnen National Park. Park your car or bike at the main entrance Sunnabron and enjoy the country's 30th gold star for several hours. Our most valuable nature is available all year round and comfortable for all visitors.
- Evaluate and read in a few lines about our unique right of public access. What applies in nature is important basic knowledge for everyone who visits nature and this also includes obligations. Feel free to clean up some rubbish that someone has left in nature. Gives a nice feeling and a rubbish bin is never far away. Keep Sweden tidy!
- Pump the bike tires and take a ride on Växjö Figure-8 with regular stops along the Art Site route and Trummen Land Art. In Växjö, art is a natural part of the public space. More information about all the works of art is available both in the app (Public art in Växjö) and on the website.

DECEMBER - does the first snow flakes fall?
- Make a visit to one of the 20 Silent places that are now tagged in the Nature Map Växjö. Try a forest walk at a slow pace and follow the tips. With a little luck and open eyes, you can find your new favourite place on the tour.
- If snowflakes fall densely already in December; look for sledges, tail flaps and other things with speed and steer the steps towards the nearest sled hill. Or take a skitour in snowmobile ski trails in Brittatorp, Lammhult or Växjö.
- Recharge before the national outdoor life year starts in 2021 with an excursion on Jät village association hiking trail. 8-12 kilometers of nice hiking trail that offers a bunch of exciting nature experiences near lake Åsnen. Feel free to pack a thermos and outdoor snack on the trip. Welcome OUT, also throughout year 2021!


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