Explore nature towards brighter times 2021!

By Växjö kommun 2021-01-01

After the Christmas and New Year weekends, here are some suggestions on what you can do outdoors in Växjö during the first quarter of the year. Preferably take a trip in daylight which will slowly increase in Småland. Otherwise, use illuminated trails or put on a headlamp until the spring sun arrives. In the footsteps of the pandemic, nature is more popular than ever. Good timing as the year of national outdoor life in 2021 kicks off throughout Sweden. Continue to discover our amazing nature and outdoor life; with valuable qualities in the form of increased well-being, comfort, serenity, joy, security and belonging. If you want more tips and inspiration to bring more outdoor life and adventure into everyday life, follow Friluftsfrämjandet's initiative - This week's adventure, with tips all year round directly in your email basket.

JANUARY - Get out in all weathers, a good start to your health in 2021!

  • Find a calm, quiet place and listen to the sounds of nature for ten minutes. Search among Quiet places in the Nature Map Växjö or find your own peaceful place close to you. We all need a pause and slowly breathe in/out for a while to recharge the batteries.
  • Take a walk on one of all 11 illuminated trails in Växjö. Energy-smart LED lighting illuminates both flat and hilly loops for walking, running or skiing at your own pace until 22.00.
  • Visit a nature reserve and enjoy some outdoor food around a fireplace. Near Växjö there are 29 nature reserves, one national park and 120 firesites that are open all year round. Find your new favorite place outdoors.
  • Try a round of trail running on nice small paths at your own pace. 29 challenging loops to choose from, which work just as well for a hiking trip with a coffee break. Headlamp on after dusk becomes a part of the outdoor adventure.

FEBRUARY - a winter month that can be both green or white from sparkling snow.

  • Make a visit to the 4H farm at Hovshaga district which is open on Saturdays every week with a guide among the animals in the surrounding pastures. Sports holiday activities can hopefully be carried out at Växjö 4H this month. More information is available on the website of Växjö 4H.
  • If the snow falls, look for sledges, tail patches and other things with speed - steer the steps towards the nearest sleigh slope. Sliding downhill on snow is playful fun for all ages!
  • Wax the cross-country skis and take a ride on snowmobile-covered ski tracks. Lammhult, Brittatorp and several areas around the city of Växjö have after snowfall several miles of nice ski trails.
  • Evaluate and read more about our unique Right of Public Access. What applies in nature is important basic knowledge for everyone who explores nature, and this also includes obligations. Feel free to clean up some rubbish that someone has left behind in nature. Gives a nice feeling and a rubbish bin is never far away. Keep Växjö tidy!

MARCH - the days get brighter and the clock will soon be turned onto summer time.

  • Find a viewpoint nearby and scout for different animals for a while. 41 viewpoints in the Nature Map but endless more beautiful views to choose from in Växjö.
  • Pump the bicycle tires and take a ride on the close to nature loop Round Växjö. A perfect activity as the spring sun shines. Or roll a ride on another favorite loop.
  • Take a daytrip to Åsnen National Park. Park the car at the main entrance Sunnabron and enjoy the country's 30th gold star for several hours. Our most valuable nature has good accessibility.
  • In March, Earth Week is celebrated annually, highlighting flashes of light in sustainable Växjö. Visit a new nature reserve for you and enjoy biodiversity and early signs of spring. 29 unique areas to choose from. Some visiting tips are the Nature Reserves Lunden, Braås Park, Osaby or Skårtaryd.

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