New year, new outdoor experiences!

By Växjö kommun 2020-01-01

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, here are some suggestions on what you can do in beautiful Växjö during the first quarter of the year. Preferably an excursion in daylight. Otherwise, you may use illuminated trails or light the headlamp until the spring sun arrives.

JANUARY - Go outdoors in all weather conditions, a great start to healthy 2020!
- Find a peaceful, quiet place and listen to the sounds of nature for five minutes. Search for example at Hissö or Notteryds nature reserve, Borgmästarudden or Knutsgård´s loop.
- Visit a nature reserve and enjoy outdoor food around a nice fireplace. 28 nature reserves, one national park and 117 grilling areas await.
- Find a viewpoint nearby and look for small and big animals for a while. 41 viewpoints in the Nature Map but infinitely more nice views around Växjö.
- Try some trailrunning at your own pace. 25 challenging trails to choose from.

FEBRUARY - a winter month that can be both green and sometimes snowy white.
- Make a visit to the 4H farm at Hovshaga, Saturday open every week with guided tours of animals and pastures.
- If snow starts to fall, look for sledges, tail patches and other things with speed. Steer the steps to the nearest sled hill with your friends.
- Clean up some plastic litter that someone left behind outdoors. Gives a nice feeling and a litter can is never far away. Keep Sweden tidy!
- Wax your cross country skis and take a trip to closest ski trails. Lammhult, Brittatorp and several areas around the town of Växjö have, after snow fall, several miles of ski tracks.

MARCH - days become brighter and the clock soon turns to daylight and summer time.
- Listen for owls and other natural sounds in the Skårtaryd nature reserve.
- Inflate the bicycle tires and take a trip on our unique Round Växjö route. Or some other favorite bicycle route.
- Take a trip to Åsnen National Park. Park your car at the main entrance at Sunnabron and enjoy Sweden´s 30th golden star for several hours. Our most valuable nature.
- Visit a new nature reserve for you and look for signs of spring. 28 unique nature reserves to explore around Växjö.


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