Now Naturkartan Växjö (the Växjö Nature Map) is launched in English!

By Växjö kommun 2019-07-05

With the help of the digital tool Naturkartan (the Växjö Nature Map), you have been able to find information in Swedish about the municipality's hiking trails, nature reserves, bathing areas and other places of interest in nature for two years. Now Växjö municipality is launching the Växjö Nature Map in English. This makes it easy for even more visitors to find their way among nature's beads.
The Växjö Nature Map contains inspiring outdoor guides and is available both as a website and as an app for smart phones.
You can search for what you are specifically interested in, such as cycling, the nearest grilling area or marked trails, and can easily see what is in your nearest neighborhood. With a few clicks on your cell phone you get inspiring pictures and short texts that guide you to outdoor experiences in Växjö municipality.
The Växjö Nature Map is available as a separate app and it has just over 2,300 downloads, but many download the entire Swedish Nature Map instead where many affiliated municipalities are also included. On the website, the Växjö Nature Map has had a total of 24,000 visitors and 79,000 page views in the past year.

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