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Up on Juteberget you have a mile-wide view of the plain south of Borensberg. On clear days you can see Linköping Cathedral. The lookout point is surrounded by old pine forest with gnarled and windswept old pines. At the top is an old ancient castle. the small but beautiful Sticksjöbäcken flows close to Juteberget and there is also a biotope-protected old pine forest in the area.

Many battles have taken place around the ancient castle. In January 1568 there was a battle between Swedes and a Danish force. The Nordic Seven Years' War was going on and Erik XIV was regent. The battle resulted in a defeat for the Swedish forces. This meant that the important fortifications at Kungs Norrby were knocked out and the castle Norrbyhus was burned down. Juteberget is said to have been named after the fighting with the Danes. There is also a solid oak bench to rest on and an information sign about Juteberget and all the places the view shows.

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