Medevi brunn

Medevi brunn has a lot to offer for nature lovers as well as culture lovers. The environment is rich in cultural history and is complemented by a biologically rich deciduous tree environment. The park contains, among other things, Östergötland's coarsest alder with an impressive circumference of 454 cm. The park's coarse deciduous trees are adorned with green, thick carpets of the moss Leucodon sciuroides, which in the dry state bend their shiny shoots upwards along the tree trunk like squirrel tails. Many of the Medevi well's old valuable trees have been designated "evighetsträd" (Eternal Trees) by Motala municipality. There are also signs about the eternal trees and dead wood.

The park contains large numbers of bats. The rare soprano pipistrelle has been found here.

Large parts of the park are accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

From the park, a 3 km long hiking trail starts south around a pebble ridge. The filtering ability of the pebble ridge has probably contributed to the good water quality of the acid well.

To do:
  • Culture
  • Hiking
  • Park
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport
  • Stroller accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Botanical site
  • Cafe/Restaurant
  • Rest area

Drive north out of Motala. Turn off from highway 50 where it says Medevi brunn. By bus take line 629 to Medevi brunn.

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