Östgötaleden Medevi - Godegård

The trail will take you through a diverse nature landscape with everything from open fields and pastures to deep woods and bogs. WC is available in Medevi and by the club house at Krassbäck. Enjoy a break at Medevi brunn with its rich history of culture and the beautiful, old deciduous trees including the biggest alder in Östergötland (454 cm in circumference!).

Difficulty: Green - simple
To do:
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport
  • Near toilet
Length: 18.3 km

Gravel roads (often little to no traffic) and trails.


Medevi, Krassbäck or anywhere along the road.


Local bus schedules for Medevi and Godegård at https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/

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