Natural monument oak at Åstad - Tjällmo

The natural monument protected oak at Åstad is large and viable with a crown. The oak has a circumference of about 530 cm. There are holes that can be used by birds as a habitat. Signal spieces of lichen grow on the trunk which indicate high natural values. The oak grows at the edge of a small gravel road. Here are more oaks that are younger than 100 years, juniper and rowan. In the surroundings is arable land.

Natural monuments can be individual natural objects such as moving blocks, giant pots or old and large trees, and also very small areas with interesting natural phenomena. Natural monuments are protected by decision of Länsstyrelsen. The form of protection was introduced in 1909, and most natural monuments in Östergötland were created before 1964 when the Nature Conservation Act came into force. Länsstyrelsen makes the decisions now.

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