In the primary coniferous forest on Doaresoajvve mountain there are large numbers of old, thick-growth willows. On them you can find the emerald-green Lungwort and haploporus odorus, called Aniseed Polypore because of its scent. Both of them are rarities in the pristine forest! Doaresoajvve (Tåresåive) is an elongated mountain, where the highest summit measures about 500 metres a s l. The slopes on northeast and south sides are fairly steep. The area is 2.5 square kilometres in size.

To do:
  • Nature reserve

The nature reserve lies 20 km south of Jokkmokk and about 5 kilometres southeast of the village of Tårrajaur. Doaresoajvve is reached via small roads off the E45. One small road runs eastwards towards Näsberg about 4.5 kilometres south of Tårrajaur. From there a small logging road leads up to the nature reserve. The state of the road is unknown.