Eliasro is next to a road and is an oasis of primary forest in a landscape that has been severly impacted by forestry. The reserve is easily accessible and easily hiked with airy primary forests and small lakes . There is a wind shelter at Hundtjärnen. Roughly in the middle of the reserve there is a small marsh where among other things you can listen to the call of cranes over the tussocks of cottongrass. The area is 1.4 square kilometres in size.

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  • Nature reserve

Eliasro lies about 25 kilometres south of Arvidsjaur and about 14 kilometres north of Glommersträsk, along road 95.

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  • Andreas Nehlin

    För den som vandrar längs Nasaleden genom reservatet kan ett fikastopp vid den lilla udden i Eliasrotjärnen rekommenderas.

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