The nature reserve Gjutberget lies in the northern part of Petberget ridge and comprises the forested mountain Gjutberget which lower down gives way to the large mire Starrmyran. The abundance of primary aspen makes the area a paradise for woodpeckers and other hole-nesters. Here you have a chance to see all the woodpecker species in Norrbotten County, even the Grey-headed Woodpecker. The area is also known among birdwatchers for its abundance of owls. To protect the abundant birdlife, it is not permitted to pitch a tent, make a fire, driver snowmobile, or hunt anything other than moose in this nature reserve. The area is 0.9 square kilometres in size.

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  • Nature reserve

The nature reserve lies about 11 kilometres southeast of Boden. There is a closed off road from Sävast, and from the information board, a trail leads into the reserve. From the north the area is difficult to reach. Note that snowmobiles are banned in Gjutberget Nature Reserve.