Safety Cabin, Kebnekaise summit

The cabin is situated on the plateau just below the South Summit of Kebnekaise at a height of 2040m. It is Sweden's highest-located building. It comprises a single large refuge room (4.5 x 9 metres) with fixed benches, and accommodates up to 21 people.

The Safety Cabin is in the shape of a pentagon. The roof and walls are angled leaning outwards and in that way prevent snow drifts from building up. Thanks to his shape, the cabin retains heat well and the refuge room is quickly heated up by bodily heat and alcohol burner. At one end of the room, a space is prepared for use of alcohol burners. The room is not equipped for overnight stays. The cabin has no fixed stove or latrine. Nor is refuse collected, so all refuse must be carried away from the cabin.

The Swedish Tourist Association owns and maintains the Safety Cabin.

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