Sitojaure-Aktse, The King's Trail

The stage begins with boat transport across the lakes Gasskájaure and Gåbddåjávrre. There is a rowing route between Sitojaure and Svijnne, marked with buoys, and rowing boats to borrow. The rowing distance is approximately 4 km and it takes about an hour to row. Remember that if you use the boats there must always be a boat on each side of the crossing. This can mean rowing the stretch three times. It can be difficult to row if it is windy. Make sure you do not drift too far to the south, so that you end up at the winter trail south-east of Svijnne. Rowing routes and boats are managed by the County Administrative Board. The boats are launched around Midsummer (21 June), normally no later than 1 July. They are pulled ashore for the winter before ice-over begins, but no later than 25 September. A motor boat transport can also be purchased at the Sámi settlement at Sitojaure.

From the boat jetty and stopover cabin at Svijnne the hike is easy. The trail passes through mountain birch forest and on plankways across wetlands. Just before the steep climb up towards the bare mountain you pass a stream. Do fill up with water here – there is not much water along the coming stretch over the mountain. At the highest point of the hike you have a view of the Rapa Valley (Ráhpavuobme), the glacial lake Laitaure and the famous Skierffe Cliff. If you want to climb Skierffe there is a trail towards the cliff, marked with a wooden signpost. However, please remember that dogs cannot accompany you, since the trail goes partially through Sarek National Park. The descent towards Aktse is steep and passes through mountain birch forest which eventually has elements of spruce.

There are few tent pitches on the bare mountain, because the supply of water is limited. You can find tent pitches in the forest down closer to the Aktse Cabins and at the turn off towards Skierffe Cliff.

Duration: 4-5 hours

To do:
  • Hiking
Length: 11.5 km

A fair number of plankways across wetlands in the first section of the trail from the jetty at Svijnne. Steep, tiring climb up to the bare mountain and also a steep slope down to the Aktse Cabins.


Boats in the mountains (Swedish Tourist Association)