The Pite River-Jäckvik, The King's Trail

The stretch offers varied hiking with big elevation differences and several boat crossings. It can be suitable to divide the hike into three sections.

After a few kilometres along the shore of Lake Tjieggelva the trail climbs towards the mountain. From Tjäura peat hut (poor condition) and as far as Vilitjåhkå Stream, a 10 km section of the trail is on bare mountain reaching just over 1000 m above sea level. In rain and mist it can be difficult to see the painted stones which mark the trail, so stay alert. In mountain birch forest you then hike down towards Lake Riebnes. Just before the bay Vuonatjviken, you pass the Arctic Circle. You have the option to spend the night in one of a group of cabins in the little settlement, Vuonatjvikens Stugby.

A boat is needed to get across Lake Riebnes. There are motorboats, but no rowing boats. For information about boat transport, see the website run by Vuonatjvikens Stugby. After the boat trip, a demanding uphill climb awaits, through birch forest up to the bare mountain. You hike a few kilometres on the mountain, then remains a steep descent to virgin pine forest on Lake Hornavan. At the watercourse, 5 km before Jäckvik, there is a short crossing to row (300 metres). Remember if you use the boats that there must always be a boat on each side of the water. This can mean you have to row across three times. The rowing boats are the responsibility of Norrbotten County Administrative Board.

There are tent pitches and access to water along the entire stretch. In good weather, the high lying area around Gásakláhko and Barturtte offers good tent sites.

In Jäckvik there are different accommodation options, see Arjeplog destination website for more information.

Duration: In all 16–22 hours, three sections recommended

To do:
  • Hiking
Length: 55.5 km

Easy hiking on the bare mountain from Tjäura peat hut to Vilitjåhkå stream. The path from Vilitjåhkå stream to Vuonatjviken bay is overgrown and boggy in places. A lot of plankways along the stretch.


You get to Jäckvik by car or bus. There are daily bus connections between Arjeplog and Jäckvik during the season.

Länstrafiken Norrbotten (bus and coach operator)
Boat transport: Vuonatjvikens Stugby