STF Almdalens Fjällgård

Almdalens Fjällgård is situated in the naturally beautiful Hotagen nature reserve, 9 km from the nearest road. The Hotagen nature reserve is an extensive area almost the size of Öland. This is a place that features beautiful natural forest and a bare mountain region above the tree line, both of which are rich in flora and fauna. The reserve provides protection to species that would otherwise be endangered. With a bit of luck you may catch a glimpse of an otter, arctic fox, bear or – if you raise your eyes up towards the sky – a golden eagle or gyrfalcon.

As a guest staying at our mountain lodge you can dedicate yourself to the outdoor life: hunting, fishing, hiking, and so on. We also provide guided tours.

The coffee house serves food and refreshments, and in the little shop you can buy things like fishing equipment and food supplies that you might need for a day out in the mountains.

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Almdalen 105 83562 Föllinge


STF Almdalens Fjällgård ligger i väglöst land, 9 km från närmaste väg.

Från Östersund: Följ E14 till Krokom, sedan väg 339 via Föllinge mot Laxsjö. Ca 10 km norr om Laxsjö ta vänster till vändplan i Lakavattnet. Följ sedan ledsystemets vägvisare mot Almdalen.

GPS-koordinater: N63.9957518°, E14.666845°

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