Area main naturalvalue@2x Bråtanäs

Between Stensund and Trosa town center is an area called Bråtanäs, just south of Krymla. It is not a nature reserve, but it is a beautiful area of ​​varied nature that is worth visiting. The best way to find it is by roaming from Djupviksvägen down towards Långnäsvikens water. In the top of the area oak trees and grazing cows dominate. In the meadows, wild flowering oregano, red-clover and saw-wort grow and attract a variety of butterflies and bumblebees. Further down towards Långnäsviken the meadow opens up at a wet meadow. Here you can take a walk and see red fescue and other wild flowers. There are many birds such as peewit, oyster catcher and little tern. On each side of this flat part of the area which slopes down towards the bay the terrain is more hilly with several oak trees. Because the cows have trampled the meadows it is easier to walk in these higher-lying areas. Further in from the coast the landscape turns into more hilly pine forests.

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Det går att parkera en bit före Lillsvängen invid en transformatorstation.


Med bil: Stensundsvägen, Krymlavägen, Djupviksvägen.