Saligastir and Fino. Two names, hidden in a runestone in Berga southwest of the Trosa lands church. It is one of Sweden's oldest inscriptions in stone and probably Sörmland's oldest runestone. The stonecutter who lived in the 15th century used the alphabet of the time, the urnordic runes and had 24 characters at his disposal. The burial ground where the stone is placed is from the Iron Age. It is located on a beautiful hill, sparsely populated with trees and conifers, with many good places to picnic - literally on historic land. Here there are about fifty visible graves, about ten runestones and a circle of runestones. The runestones are located west of the northern part of the Hunga hiking area. This extends from Trosa town center in the south to Häradsvallen, Vagnhärad in the north. Sörmlandsleden passes through and there are several walking trails. You can start your walk at the ski lifts in Trosa and head north. Södermanland has about 450 runestones or graves and is thought to be the second richest viking landscape in the world.

To do:
  • Cultural park
  • Protected nature
  • Recreation area

The area extends along and west of Trosaån and route 218. Follow any of the trails from Häradsvallen in Vagnhärad or from the ski lifts in Trosa. Sörmlandsleden passes Hungavägen a short distance after the ski slope.