In the middle of Vagnhärad lies Lånestaheden. The natural landscape and bedrock resembling limestone from Öland encourages rare plants to thrive here. Lånestaheden is also one of the richest archaeological sites in Sörmland and an important wandering route. The natural beauty of the area includes unusually pretty limestone hills with rich and protective flora. Parts of the nature reserve sheep graze to preserve the meadows. To protect nature and cultural aspects as well as to make people aware of this attraction in the heart of Vagnhärad, the municipality of Trosa established a nature reserve in 2015 for Lånestaheden. Parts of Lånestaheden are also in the Natura 2000 area. The nature reserve extends from Lånesta industrial area to the east towards Skolvägen in the west.

To do:
  • Recreation area
  • Nature reserve
  • Near parking