Trail main hiking@2x Sörmlandsleden route 56 Trosa - Tullgarns slott

After hiking through Trosa, along the well-known promenade, it is time for new adventures towards Tullgarn castle. The first kilometers consist of streets and country roads through the outskirts of Trosa. Then follows beautiful coastal trails and after about 8 kilometers you arrive at Stensund. Here is a memorial to the people who built the Viking Ship Ormen Friske. After Stensund the trail passes through alternating hilly terrain and open countryside as you continue to Anderviken. On top of the peak is a shelter. Before arriving at Komötet you pass a large old kiln. At Komötet you can go for a swim. Next you reach a road where you can hike up to Furholmsberget - a high viewing area. Spectacular views of the sea unfold, in the north towards Näset's nature reserve and towards the east, the masts veer towards Nynäshamn. Amongst beautiful forest terrain you reach Pilskogsbergen with magnificent views over Tullgarns bay and the castle that once upon a time was King Gustav V's summer residence. After another forest walk you will reach the road that takes you to the finish at Tullgarns Castle. If you are lucky there may be a tour of the castle. Food and drinks are available at the castle's inn, stable building and at the summertime orangery. During autumn and winter it's only open at the weekends.

PLEASE NOTE! Be sure to follow Sörmlandsleden's orange markings on trees, posts and arrows! NOT any other markings in a similar colour!

Difficulty: Blue - medium
To do:
  • Trail main hiking@2x Hiking
  • Trail main trailrunning@2x Trail running
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
  • Trail main near public transport@2x Near Public Transport
Length: 20.0 km

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