The Uppland Trail, detour 25:2, 8 km round trip

You can start your visit to nature reserve Hemsta and Boglösa rock carving area as a detour from section 25 (8 kilometres from the start), or by the reserve’s parking area in Hemsta. The reserve is home to burial mounds, stone circles, and many well-preserved rock carvings from the bronze age. The hike uses paths on easy-to-walk, open pastures with grazing animals, and a bit of road closer to the end. Taking a break in the area is lovely. The first rock carving you’ll come across, just over a kilometre from the main trail, is Hemsthällen, the rock with the most characters on in the area. A further 2 kilometres onward is Stora Rickebyhällen, and where the detour ends you’ll find another rock. One of Sweden’s biggest rock carvings, Brandskogsskeppet, can be reached via a path from the reserve’s parking area.

Difficulty level: Easy.

To do:
  • Hiking
Length: 4.0 km

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