The Uppland Trail, Walk 10:1, 17 km

The Risinge Walk, which starts and ends at Skäfthammar Church on the outskirts of Gimo, comprises a northern and a southern part, which are quite different from each other. If you want to start with the easier to walk southern part, follow the trail across River Olandsån, and turn right where the trail splits in two. You’ll walk on forest paths and along an old railway embankment until you reach the remains of cottage Fäboda, around halfway through the walk. Turn left, as the trail turns back towards Gimo, and the path will take you through dense forests. Following a short bit on a gravel road, you’ll pass some rocky clear-cut areas which may be wet in the spring and autumn, and where vegetation is high in late summer. The last few kilometres to Gimo are along roads, passing the beautiful Risinge Gård Farm. Gimo has a bus station, shops, restaurants, a bakery, and pizzerias. You can stay the night at the hostel or the manor.

Difficulty level: Medium.

To do:
  • Hiking
  • Circular trail
Length: 17.0 km

Skogsväg, gammal banvall, skogsstig och grusväg.


Vid Gimo busstation eller vid Skäfthammars kyrka, närmare starten av slingan.


Länsbuss går till Gimo busstation. Här finns också bilparkering. Upplandsleden går här längs väg 288. Gå den söderut och på andra sidan bron över Olandsån börjar slingan. För bussnummer och tidtabeller, gå in på länken nedan.

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