Trail main running@2x Sjörundan trail

Run or hike this more than 11-kilometre long loop around Södra (south) Bergundasjön Lake. You’ll enjoy many different biotopes and sounds. On the Teleborg side, you will see the fertile lakeshore forest claimed by the woodpeckers. In the south, the heights between Sjöliden and Jonsboda are enhanced by both a bird tower and a picnic area. During the entire loop, you will be inside of, or very close to, the Bokhultet nature reserve. The area hosts grey herons, ospreys, great crested grebes and cuckoos. The is a relatively level one with only a few hills. Run and enjoy Bokhultet’s natural beauty along Södra Bergundasjön Lake. The total length of the loop is 11.5 kilometres.

Difficulty: Blue - medium
To do:
  • Trail main running@2x Running
  • Trail main hiking@2x Hiking
  • Trail main stroller accessible@2x Stroller accessible
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
Length: 11.5 km



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Södra Bergundasjön runt nås lätt via cykelvägar från Växjö centrum och Växjösjön.

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