Three-cottage trail

Pass the three cottages in the Fylleryd nature reserve: Norrastugan, Fyllerydsstugan and the VAIS cottage, when you are on the Trestugespåret (three cottages) trail and complete the 11 kilometres that the nature offers. The trail mixes slightly hilly sections with level ones, which makes the loop somewhat more challenging. Enjoy the wonderful natural beauty whether you’re running or walking. In the winter, ski tracks are prepared after snowfall, with the help of scooters. There are many fine loops and trails, and ski tracks through the Glasrikets Golf Club are also prepared, and are easily reached through the Trestugespåret Trail.

Difficulty: Blue - medium
To do:
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Near parking
  • Circular trail
Length: 11.5 km

Fint och fast grusunderlag


Ett fåtal tuffa backar, annars relativt flackt


För bilburna följ vägvisning från väg 25 till VAIS-torpet, samt från trafikplats Norremark i norr. Man kan även starta turen vid Fyllerydstugan.

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