Area main nature reserve@2x Hovshaga Nature Reserve

This area has great biological diversity, including the black-throated diver and the black woodpecker, many herbs, as well as butterflies, such as the Burnet moth and the creeping lady's tresses orchid. Visitors can experience a great variety of landscapes, including open grazing meadows, lakes and shorelines, deep spruce forests or shore forests with ancient oaks and pines. This place has been popular ever since the Stone Age, as can be shown by the many ancient archaeological remains. The location of this nature reserve, so close to lakes and towns, make it a very valuable resource for outdoor activities and recreation. The area contains a large number of trails and back road that can be used for walks, jogging and biking. Adjacent to Lake Helgasjön there are many sandy beaches where you can swim, bathing jetties, and mown lawns. Welcome to the eighth nature reserve in the municipality of Växjö.

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Finns vid Araby sjöväg, Ryttartorpet, Hagavallen och vid Stora Pene.


Naturreservatet ligger strax väster om stadsdelen Hovshaga.

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