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A walk in the Kronoberg nature reserve is a walk through the past and the present. The Culture Trail, which is marked in blue, passes areas that were affected by Hurricanes Gudrun and Per. Keep a watch for the European green woodpecker and listen for the dunnock among the storm-ravaged forest's dead but still standing trees and dried leaves. The trail also passes a 3,500 year old cairn from the late Iron Age. The reserve also has lush beech and oak forests with hawfinch and stock doves. In recent years, rarities such as the Eurasian golden oriole, the greenish warbler and the red-breasted flycatcher have been sighted. For more information, see the link below. This nature reserve is administered by the County Administration of Kronoberg.

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Naturreservatet ligger mellan Hovshaga och Hissö.

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