Trail main mountainbiking@2x Bergunda mountain bike track

There are two mountain bike tracks here, which differ in nature and level of difficulty – a blue-marked and a red-marked one. The pump track is a good beginner track without hills, stones and foots. The track winds back and forth through the woods, while almost throughout the track, rolling over what are known as “pumps”. This teaches many basic techniques in trail-biking.

Radiokullen hill, near the lake, is a medium to difficult track for mountain cyclists for somewhat more experience and training. The track includes many steep hills, both up and down, demanding a good mastery of techniques. In order to successfully navigate this track requires a great deal of practice of these techniques. The marked tracks also work fine for trail-running. Follow the marked direction and keep your eyes open and be aware of fast bicyclists behind you.

Difficulty: Red - demanding
To do:
  • Trail main mountainbiking@2x Mountainbiking
  • Trail main trailrunning@2x Trail running
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
Length: 2.9 km



Pumpslingan flack stig, Radiokullen rejält kuperad


Bilparkering finns vid Sundet och Sanden. Om du cyklar på Växjö Runt ser du skyltarna när du passerar rullstensåsen.

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    Erik Rydström

    Testade båda slingorna idag och de var båda mycket välgjorda. Den lite svårare slingan är som sagt för lite mer vana och vågade cyklister.

    about 2 years
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