Trail main trailrunning@2x Fylleryd reflex track

This reflex track winds through technically difficult trails, over stones and roots. The initiative for making this a marked path comes from the experts in forest riding of the Växjö Orienteering Club, who have established a very hilly three kilometre trail that really gets your adrenaline going. Experiencing part of Fylleryd with a headlamp is an adventure close to home, that will light up the dark part of the year. For your safety, we recommend doing this with a friend or group, having a well-charged headlamp and doing an extensive warm-up before undertaking this ride.

Difficulty: Black - experienced
To do:
  • Trail main hiking@2x Hiking
  • Trail main trailrunning@2x Trail running
Length: 3.0 km

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Närmaste parkering vid Vokalen på Gamla Norrvägen 56.


Parkera bilen vid Vokalen på Gamla Norrvägen 56. Ännu bättre är att cykla hit.

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    Tobias Hermansson

    Kul och utmanande bana. Kunde ha varit bättre markerad. Det var lite svårt att hitta rätt stundtals.

    about 2 years