Trail main running@2x Växjö Figure-8

Is running once around Lake Växjösjön or Lake Trummen too short a run for you? In that case, try Växjöåttan (the Växjö Figure 8) may be what you are looking for. This route goes around Lake Växjö, and then one once around Lake Trummen. It’s a perfect route, since you can start wherever you want. The paths around both lakes are paved, but if you want a softer running surface, there is also a gravel round around Lake Växjösjön. Bicyclists must stay on the bicycle paths.

Difficulty: Green - simple
To do:
  • Trail main biking@2x Biking
  • Trail main running@2x Running
  • Trail main wheelchair accessible@2x Wheelchair accessible
  • Trail main stroller accessible@2x Stroller accessible
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
  • Trail main near public transport@2x Near Public Transport
Length: 8.0 km

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Trummen ligger öster om Linnéuniversitetet och stadsdelen Teleborg och Växjösjön ligger omedelbart sydost om stans centrum.

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