Cykelled Mörrum - Karlshamn

The trail links the salmon paradise along the Mörrumsån river and Blekinge’s forest with Karlshamn and the islands out to sea. There is accommodation in Mörrum and you can walk along the banks of the fast-flowing river and go fishing, while, besides all the activities you would expect in a town, Karlshamn offers ferries into the archipelago and trails heading further out to explore the islands by bike, by kayak, by boat and on foot. Just as once Karlshamn was a gateway out to the world for people emigrating from Sweden, today it is a gateway out into the Blekinge Archipelago.

The trail is unmarked so it is best followed in the app or on a map available from the companies in the app or the tourist offices in Karlshamn, Ronneby and Karlskrona.

To do:
  • Biking
Length: 13.0 km

Gång- och cykelbana, landsväg.

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