Lindö udde fågelskådningsplats

Lindö udde is one of the best places in Blekinge to spot migratory birds. Numerous eider duck fly past in March and April. 200,000 birds have been counted on a single day.

Loons, cormorants, geese and waders are also seen here. In the autumn, many birds of prey and passerines migrate over Lindö. Most are flying westwards along the coast. Passerines are the largest group of bird species. About half of the bird species in the world are passerines.

There is an accessible toilet here, a shelter and a roof for birdwatching in all weathers!

Lindö udde is also a nature reserve with the rules that therefore apply. See the link for more information.

To do:
  • Bird watching
  • Protected nature
  • Near parking
  • Near toilet
  • Stroller accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible

Du viker av från E22 vid Listerby, kör mot Kuggeboda. Kör genom Kuggeboda mot Korsanäs. Du följer sedan vägskyltarna mot Lindö naturreservat.

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