Östgötaleden – Medevi Brygga -Torpa Sand

This is a 5 km long trail of Östgötaleden along the shores of Lake Vättern. You walk through flat pine forest with full-covering blueberry rice. The path is quite narrow and can be muddy and soft at times when it has rained a lot or at high water levels. Torpa Sand is located in a bay and on the right side of the bay you can see the Medevi Islands which lie like a string of pearls one after the other. All but one of the islands are uninhabited. Torpa Sand is a sandy beach and popular swimming area just over two kilometers from the parking lot at Medevi pier. To the bathing place you walk along a forest path which also continues around the headland. At Torpa Sand there are toilets and a firesite.

To do:
  • Hiking
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport
  • Near toilet
Length: 5.0 km

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