Åheden is a small area of pristine-like forest near the now dried-up channel of the Skellefte river. The area is only 0.12 square kilometres in size but features many fine plants species. The forest is large growth considering it is located in Norrbotten County. The trees are up to 25 m high. There is a dense spruce forest in the area which in the north transforms into predominantly pine forest.

To do:
  • Nature reserve

Åheden lies about 17 km southwest of Glommersträsk. The most suitable approach route to the reserve is from the east on road 365. Turn off westwards before you pass the Skellefte river, about 14 kilometres south of Järvträsk. After just under 2 km there is a crossing, where you turn west towards Stenbacken. After 5 kilometres you pass the county boundary back into Norrbotten, then continue about 500 metres. Leave the car and follow the little logging road southwards.