Trail main hiking@2x Round Lake Notteryd

The Notteryd nature reserve seems so distant from Växjö, even though it's only a few kilometres away. Follow the blue-marked hiking trail, Notteryd Runt, and you’ll feel transported back to some ancient forest. The thick pine stands are accompanied by abundant bilberries. From the flat stones along Lake Toftasjön, you can listen for the black-throated diver. The mysterious ancient castle of Gripeberg broods over the top of a steep cliff. At the parking area for the nature reserve, there is also a beautiful flowery meadow. Black woodpeckers, pygmy owls and titmice thrive in the nature reserve. Admire the old stone walls of the ancient castle and enjoy the amazing view. Pack a lunch bag and go on an excursion.

Difficulty: Red - demanding
To do:
  • Trail main hiking@2x Hiking
  • Trail main trailrunning@2x Trail running
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
  • Trail main near toilet@2x Near toilet
Length: 7.5 km

Mestadels stig med sten och rötter


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Finns på olika platser i Notteryds naturreservat. Vägvisningsskylt visar vägen till den största parkeringen vid den nedlagda skjutbanan.


Från Växjö, följ vägen från Fylleryd mot Vikensved.

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