ARK56 is a network of trails for kayaking, hiking, sailing and cycling through the Unesco biosphere reserve Blekinge Arkipelag.

Winding gravel roads, calm bays, deserted isles, and across open sea - ARK56 guides you through the Blekinge archipelago, along side and on its beautiful waters.

Experience nature and culture on foot, in a kayak, by bike, or by boat - it’s your choice. 13 hubs ties the trails together, offering food, acommodation and experiences.

ARK56 leads you through the UNESCO biosphere reserve Blekinge Achipelago - a model area for sustainable development that protects and works with unique natural and cultural values. For you, this means varied experiences in unexploited nature and preserved landscapes and culture.

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Implementation and translation of content in the app is in progress, but content will be available in swedish, english, german and polish during 2019.