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The name Järnavik comes from the medieval word “hjerna” which means “head” or “height” and this is where the mountain steeply plunges into the bay. There are several paths for walks on the western headland. The mountain offers a magnificent view. The nature reserve is a typical coastal area in the centre of Blekinge. It is very hilly with a rugged rocky shoreline, rocky outcrops, broadleaf woodland and open sections used for grazing.

Complete rules for the nature reserve are shown in the link below, but, for example, you are not allowed to let a dog off a lead within the area, pitch a tent or park a caravan or light a fire other than in a place designed for the purpose.

Source: Blekinge County Administrative Board

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  • Area main nature reserve@2x Nature reserve

Naturreservat Järnavik, Unnamed Road, 372 63, 372 63 Trensum


• Turn off the E22 at junction 55 and follow the signs to Järnavik.

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