Area main nature reserve@2x Tjärö naturreservat

Tjärö’s open landscape has been shaped by humans, who have cleared and farmed, kept grazing animals and felled the forest for different needs in their fight for survival. Tjärö has a special place in the hearts of many lovers of the archipelago.

The buildings on the island are charming old houses rented out to visitors. In the summer there are always well-mannered rare breed animals grazing on the island.

The complete rules for the nature reserve and more information are available at the link below, but, for example, you are not allowed to pitch a tent, light a fire or use disposable barbecues other than in places provided for the purpose.

Source: County Administrative Board

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  • Area main nature reserve@2x Nature reserve

• There is a ferry connection to Tärnö from both Karlshamn and Matvik.

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