Karlskrona, a World Heritage Site

By ARK56 2019-05-05

Anchor in Karlskrona, the town that was founded in 1680 when Karl XI decided to establish Sweden’s new naval base here. More than 300 years later, there is still a naval base in Karlskrona, the town where old and new sit side by side and tradition meets innovation.

Karlskrona’s impressive and well-preserved architecture and street layout saw the Naval Port of Karlskrona gain world heritage status in 1998, and the evidence can be seen wherever you look. Magnificent churches, impressive squares, imposing streets and defensive fortifications attract visitors from around the world. Its uniquely preserved architecture and heritage place Karlskrona on a World Heritage List that boasts more than a thousand places worth preserving. Karlskrona was thought to be particularly interesting due to the way that the original design of the town with its roots in the architectural ideal of the Baroque period, its important shipyard and the system of fortifications are exceptionally well-preserved.

Extract from the UNESCO citation:

“Karlskrona is an exceptionally well preserved example of a European planned naval town, which incorporates elements derived from earlier establishments in other countries and which was in its turn to serve as the model for subsequent towns with similar functions. Naval bases played an important role in the centuries during which naval power was a determining factor in European Realpolitik, and Karlskrona is the best preserved and most complete of those that survive.” /Extract from World Heritage Committee, December 1998

The areas that constitute the World Heritage Site the Naval Port of Karlskrona are shown on the map and comprise:

Explore the World Heritage site with ARK56 and the Skärgårdstrafiken ferries

One good way of exploring the Naval Town is to follow the parts of the Karlskrona – Torhamn and Nättraby – Karlskrona cycle trails that run through Karlskrona and Nättraby. Another is to take one of the Skärgårdstrafiken ferries and the Hop-on/Hop-off boats that connect the town’s islands. Follow the links to the different locations to see nearby stops and check the Blekingetrafiken website for times and prices.

Contact the Karlskrona tourist office for information on all the guided tours provided in this World Heritage town.


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