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    Grattis till årets vinnare i ARK56 Fototävling 2020

    ARK56 Sep 03

    Årets fototävling är avslutad! ARK56 Fototävling 2020 pågick mellan 1 juli-1 september 2020 och över 300 bilder skickades in som bidrag. Vi ville se era favoritplatser och gärna få en känsla av hur det känns när man är ute längs med ARK56. Att välja vinnare är en utmaning, eftersom alla bilder var magiska och visade verkligen upp vilken bredd och unik upplevelse ARK56 kan vara. Juryn bestod av representanter från Blekinge Arkipelag och Visit Blekinge. ARK56 Värdeord är H...

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    Right of public access

    ARK56 Aug 06

    Sweden has a unique right to roam, the right for everyone to access the countryside. Sweden’s countryside is open to all, whether you live in Sweden or are simply visiting. We make use of this right of public access in many different situations and many different interests have to be taken into account. Think of others Sweden’s right of public access opens up amazing opportunities for you to walk, run, cycle, ride and ski in the countryside. But you can’t just do it anyho...

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    Outdoor cooking

    Apr 23

    ”Det är en himla fin vårdag idag. Ska vi laga mat ute? -Ja! Ska vi grilla korv eller? -Ja… eller ska vi ta med mackor och termos med kaffe?” Låter det bekant? Du är inte ensam… vill du få inspiration kring vad man kan göra istället? Läs vidare, så ska jag dela några grymma utomhusrecept och inspirationsbilder, som förhoppningsvis får dig att höja ribban nästa gång du lagar mat över en eld, ute i det fria. Fler och fler människor hittar ut i naturen. Jättekul, tycker jag s...

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    Kayaking ARK56

    ARK56 Sep 17

    The ARK56 kayaking trail runs through the whole of the Blekinge Archipelago. There’s one joined-up trail and lots of shorter loops too. Glide between skerries, round islands and following the shore of promontories through a world heritage site and a unique archipelago where the forest runs all the way down to the shore. Magnificent oak trees shade peaceful coastal meadows and the app comes up with suggested routes, loops and places to stop for a break, as well as accommod...

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    47 nature reserves in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve

    ARK56 Sep 10

    You’ll find 47 nature reserves in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, all of which offer different but equally brilliant opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Many of them are located along and surrounding the walking, kayaking, cycling and sailing trails in ARK56, and many of them have their own circular walks with spots to stop off and admire the view or have a barbecue. All are worth a visit whether you’re out for a day trip or on a longer adventure on o...

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    Sailing ARK56

    ARK56 Aug 31

    The ARK56 sailing trail is a recommended route that pilots you in between the islands and helps you to find peaceful natural moorings and an easy route through the unique Blekinge Archipelago, where the sea meets the forest and the islands have been grazed and farmed for thousands of years. The sailing trail connects to most of the 13 hubs in ARK56 so once you have tied up, there are excellent opportunities to extend the adventure on foot, by bike or by kayak. The ARK56 ap...

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    Cycling ARK56

    ARK56 Aug 30

    The ARK56 cycle trail runs along winding minor roads through the archipelago landscape. The natural environment, culture and history are varied and there are lots of places and detours to discover. You’ll find them in the app. Stop off at a nature reserve and follow a walking trail or hire a kayak and rest your legs (and exercise your arms) for a bit. The trail is unmarked so there are no signs to follow. Just follow the route in the app. You can hire a bike at some of the...

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    Book a ready-made package from ARK56!

    ARK56 May 07

    For some people, the planning is half the fun of the trip, but if this isn’t quite you, there are ready-made options that let you experience the Blekinge Archipelago “all inclusive”.. There are a number of ready-made packages with food, accommodation, guides and kayak or bike hire included. Choose from walking holidays with food and accommodation, kayaking and lots of other options that leave you free to relax and enjoy. Have a look at Visit Blekinge to read more and book...

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    Karlskrona, a World Heritage Site

    ARK56 May 05

    Anchor in Karlskrona, the town that was founded in 1680 when Karl XI decided to establish Sweden’s new naval base here. More than 300 years later, there is still a naval base in Karlskrona, the town where old and new sit side by side and tradition meets innovation. Karlskrona’s impressive and well-preserved architecture and street layout saw the Naval Port of Karlskrona gain world heritage status in 1998, and the evidence can be seen wherever you look. Magnificent churche...

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    The Blekinge Archipelago biosphere reserve

    ARK56 May 03

    The Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve has been designated by the UN body UNESCO to preserve our unique natural and cultural heritage for generations to come. The name Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve refers to the area – our coast and archipelago – and to the organisation formed to manage it. The non-profit organisation engages in projects aimed at sustainable development. By being an arena, a driving force and an intermediary, Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Re...

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    The Blekingeleden Trail

    ARK56 Apr 29

    Blekingeleden is a 260 km long walking trail running from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the north-east. The terrain varies, with paths and gravel roads running through a mosaic landscape of forest and woodland, grazing, lakes and little fields. There is access to water and toilets on most of the sections of the trail. Blekingeleden is marked in orange on posts and signs. Some of the sections connect with the hubs in ARK56, ideal if you want to rest your feet and mayb...

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    Shooting Ranges, Military Training Areas and Protected Military installations

    ARK56 Apr 27

    SHOOTING RANGES AND MILITARY TRAINING AREAS IN BLEKINGE These are the shooting ranges and military training areas used by the Naval Base in Blekinge. When the Swedish Defence Forces are not using these areas, they are generally open to the public and in many cases are popular areas for outdoor recreation. Maps of the shooting ranges and military training areas can be found at the link below. You will always find up-to-date information about exercises and risk to the publ...

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    ARK56 - Background

    ARK56 Jan 01

    The Blekinge Archipelago biosphere reserve is run and managed by the non-profit organisation of the same name. With sustainable development as its watchword, it runs the project with the help of its member municipalities and other funding bodies. The biosphere reserve initiated the project "The Archipelago Route - Sustainable Outdoor Products along Trails on Land and Water in Blekinge County" with a vision of creating a world-known and sustainable destination for outdoor ...