47 nature reserves in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve

By ARK56 2019-09-10

You’ll find 47 nature reserves in the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, all of which offer different but equally brilliant opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

Many of them are located along and surrounding the walking, kayaking, cycling and sailing trails in ARK56, and many of them have their own circular walks with spots to stop off and admire the view or have a barbecue. All are worth a visit whether you’re out for a day trip or on a longer adventure on one of the trails. The map includes links for each nature reserve with more information, circular walks, barbecue areas, etc. Head out and discover your favourite.

PS. Remember that besides Sweden’s right of public access, each nature reserve also has specific rules on whether you can light a fire, pitch a tent, bring dogs, etc. Read more in the information for each nature reserve or via the link for more information from the County Administrative Board.

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